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FGJ secures at Collins’ home 41 classic cars

A total of 41 classic cars -some with a value of half a million pesos-, aquamotos, boats and works of art were seized by the Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) of Mexico City and Morelos from an address located in Tequesquitengo , which, they indicated, belongs to Raymundo Collins Flores, former head of the Capital Housing Institute during the administration of the former head of government, Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa.

After announcing the search and seizure of these assets, the capital’s president, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, reported that these vehicles were not reported by Raymundo Collins Flores in his asset declaration when he was a public official, and will wait for the prosecution to define crimes that will be imputed to the former local Public Security Secretary at the time of José Ramón Amieva.

In a coordinated action, the FGJ agents found the property located in the town of Tequesquitengo, municipality of Jojutla, in the Playa Coqueta neighborhood, in Morelos, where the 41 classic cars and works of art were protected.

The search warrant was granted by a control judge as part of the current investigation against the former head of Invi for the crime of illegal use of powers.

For this investigation, Collins Flores has an arrest warrant; however, he filed an amparo trial to avoid his capture.

The search was carried out on Friday with the participation of agents of the Investigative Police (PDI) and the Attorney General of the State of Morelos (FGE).

In addition to the insured vehicles, three aqua motorcycles, an ATV, a motorcycle and a boat were found.

In a review of classic cars, it was found that they range between half a million pesos and one million; for example, a 1927 Ford Model T, its commercial price is 300 thousand; however, this may increase according to the details of the vehicle.

Another of the most valuable vehicles is the 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, with a million pesos; while a Cadillac Coupé DeVille is valued at 500 thousand.

All these insured assets were transferred to Mexico City, before the Public Ministry of the prosecution for the investigation of crimes committed by public servants.


Although there are no large residences, most are two-story houses with spacious buildings, even to store boats, and it is for this reason that most of the buildings are used as resting places for weekends.

This area is one of the descents (as the streets are called) that are next to the circuit of the lake, but compared to the others, it is paved, so its access is easier and faster.

In the area there are several inns where rooms and boats are rented so that people spend a few hours on the lake, and from the moment they go down, they can see the boats parked inside the small hotels that also offer spa services.

The residents of the place said that it was common to observe classic and old vehicles in the area, but they thought it was due to the exhibitions that are constantly held near the lake; however, they never believed that these units remained sheltered and a few meters from their homes.