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Free Mexico will define if it continues promotional activities

The organization México Libre, which was denied registration as a political party and led by Margarita Zavala and Felipe Calderón, reported that it opened an internal process of internal deliberation to determine jointly and in consultation with its affiliates, what will be the route that This organization will continue after the determination of the Electoral Tribunal of the Federal Judicial Power.

In a statement, the National Executive Commission established that the entire month of November will be a reflection, to determine if its tasks as an organization are terminated or if it continues with its activities to promote participation in the public life of Mexico and , if this is the case, if it participates or not in the electoral process of 2021 and under what modalities.

In the position, it was explained that during this period, and in parallel with the consultation with its militants, the presidency of Mexico Libre will be open to receive proposals and will establish conversations with the different political options, and after making an assessment of them, decide on the future of the organization.

Or even, “Free Mexico commits itself and asks its militants and leaders to carry out acts aimed at keeping open all possible options, including the possibility of independent candidacies, and in coordination with the district, state and national leaderships, review the different political scenarios and decide the best course of action for the future. “

Therefore, the coordinators and activists of México Libre are communicated throughout the country the following determinations of its National Executive Commission:

“Knowing that many and very distinguished and distinguished leaders of Mexico Libre are receiving invitations from all over the country, all militants are instructed to take care of this process of internal deliberation and eventual external negotiation. For this, the possibility that each Who may be open to receiving invitations and listening to opinions, but is instructed not to enter into any agreement or establish commitments of any kind on behalf of our organization, for which it is asked not to advance in negotiations until Mexico Libre finishes its internal consultation and reach a final decision. “

“In the same sense, all the proposals that are formulated to leaders or militants of Mexico Libre must be sent for their evaluation and integration to the CNE through the president, Margarita Zavala, or the national coordinator, Fausto Barajas. And decide in your case, what is most convenient for the purposes of the organization, if you decide to continue participating in public life and if this includes electoral participation “

“Likewise, the many and very valuable proposals for potential agreements with other political forces that are emerging within Mexico Libre should also be communicated to the national leadership for their comprehensive assessment, and thereby determine the best route to follow for the good of Mexico “, they explained.

They added that Mexico Libre and the hundreds of thousands of Mexican men and women that make it up endorse their commitment to serving the Homeland, “which is why it was determined to open a deliberative space at the national level to know first-hand what our militants think and agree on the actions that our organization will follow at this crucial moment in Mexico. “