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In process for transporting marijuana in Zacatecas


The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), through its Delegation in Zacatecas, obtained a link to a process against Juan Pablo Gutiérrez Candelaria, for his probable responsibility in the commission of the crime against health.

Elements of the National Guard, dependent on the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection, carried out the arrest of Juan Gutiérrez at kilometer 241+ 000 of highway 2873 route 54, Zacatecas-Saltillo section, when he was traveling aboard a city vehicle from Guadalajara to Saltillo, in which he was supposedly transporting oral serum and upon requesting the documentation and noticing inconsistencies in the invoice, they proceeded to review the merchandise.

At the time of the inspection, they found several sacks that contained rectangular packages made with cinnamon tape, in which there was green and dry grass, which totaled 133 and that together weighed one ton 312 kilos of marijuana.

Due to these facts, this subject and the insured drug were at the disposal of the agent of the FGR in Zacatecas, who after integrating the corresponding investigation folder, referred the case to the competent authority who linked the process and granted as a precautionary measure informal preventive detention .

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