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Longueuil against a merger of police services –

The City of Longueuil is opposed to the merger of administrative police services envisaged by the SPVM.

In his thesis ” SPVM reflections on the police reality in Quebec ”, the Montreal police force, proposes as an “improvement” to “Carry out a feasibility study for the administrative integration of the police forces of the cities of Laval, Longueuil and Montreal, the governance of which could be ensured by a Commission of police services, while by maintaining a decentralized patrol and investigation service for territorial crimes. “

The SPVM justifies: “It is clear that Montreal has social issues that are not specific to it. The cities of Laval and Longueuil also have issues related to homelessness and mental health disorders, to name just a few. The large metropolitan area is also a welcoming land for newcomers. In terms of patrol and community policing, the police forces have the same issues and their work organization is similar. They have police stations (service points) spread over the territory which promote local services: vehicle patrol, foot patrol, bicycle patrol, interventions in schools. “

The Ville de Longueuil deplores in a press release, October 30, “Not to have been consulted in the elaboration of this recommendation which concerns it directly, especially since it is contradictory with the“ Concertation Police ”approach that it puts forward.

In its own brief on police services, Longueuil recommends that they “not serve overly large areas, in order to maintain a local service that meets the needs of citizens. Each territory has its own social context, hence the importance of relying on the “Concerted Police” approach. It also reiterates the importance of respecting the role of municipalities, which hold all the resources and knowledge relating to the territory that their police service must serve, which allows them to clearly identify local needs and issues. “

“The current proximity of our police service to the population has made it possible to develop expertise in the territory, while adapting services to citizens according to their specific needs. A merger of the police services would result in the loss of this expertise, in addition to encroaching on the responsibilities of the municipalities, which is therefore undesirable, ”declared the mayor of Longueuil, Sylvie Parent.

Longueuil says it values ​​collaboration with other major police services. It proposes “to set up mixed teams when the offenses are not delimited on a single territory and to allow greater flexibility for police organizations, in order to be able to deploy resources over a large territory when the crime is committed over more than one area. ‘a territory. “Longueuil recalls that it” has already been working, for several years, on specialized units with the SPVM and the Sûreté du Québec “.

Longueuil and the SPVM speak within the framework of the consultation on police services in Quebec led by the Legault government.