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Man ‘resurrected’ after spending 20 hours in a freezer

A man was saved by authorities after spending 20 hours in a freezer.

The reason for its unusual location? That his relatives thought he was dead, so they tried to ‘preserve’ the body in cold before the funeral activities.

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What is known

The incident occurred in the village of Kandhampatti, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in India.

According to local media reports, Balasubramanian Kumar, the protagonist of this story, was very ill and, in mid-October, his family noticed that he had stopped moving.

What did you do? Suppose. Yes, without any type of death certificate to certify the death, the 74-year-old’s relatives thought he was dead …

They then hired a freezer to put the body in while they finished preparing the corresponding funeral rites.

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The resurrection’

The day after the alleged death, a manager of the freezer company went to collect the object and noticed that something moved inside it.

Surprised, and a little scared, he called the authorities. When they got to the place where the man was, they opened the freezer and noticed that he was still breathing.

It is estimated that the time he was in the freezer was 20 hours, so he was transferred to a health center for recovery.

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The newspaper ‘The Independent’ spoke with the Police of the place and it was confirmed that The man’s family has been charged with negligent conduct that endangers human life and committing an action that endangers the life or personal safety of others.