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Mexico adds 91 thousand deaths from COVID

Mexico adds in the cut of this October 30, 91 thousand 289 deaths from COVID-19, with 918 thousand 811 cases of confirmed infections of coronavirus, according to authorities of the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Ricardo Cortés explained in a press conference from the National Palace that there are also 1,110,000 negative cases accumulated in the country.

For his part, Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, reported that on the occasion of the national mourning decreed by the federal president in order to honor those who died from COVID-19, the evening conference will be suspended on Saturdays , Sunday and next Monday, however, he stressed that this informational space will be maintained until it is useless.

As for imposing coercive measures to make the use of the mask mandatory, the official indicated that the federal government condemns these actions, but the states have the legal power to do so.

“In Oaxaca the idea of ​​imposing fines on those who do not wear a mask has been taken up, in other states they have also established sanction measures for those who do not wear it, it is not in the legal capacity of the federal government to inhibit these actions, the states may have competence in this regard to establish such measures, but the Mexican government has a clear position on the matter and we consider that it is not appropriate, it is not useful and it may be inconvenient, “he said.

During the afternoon conference, the official emphasized that blaming the individual for an event such as the pandemic for the new coronavirus is misleading, since it involves the entire population and reiterated that the use of the mask is auxiliary and complementary for the protection of other people .

By putting on the mask as an example, the Undersecretary of Health stressed that the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will respect the human rights of society, for which he called not to exercise coercion for Mexicans to use the mask.