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More than 90 million have already voted in the US and a record number is expected

Experts predict that the total turnout will easily exceed 138 million votes in 2016.


More of 90 million Americans have already issued their votes for the presidential election of United States, according to a count of the Saturday elaborated by the Elections Project of the University of Florida, on the way to higher participation rate in more than a century.

Only 47 million early votes were cast four years ago.

The record result, equivalent to a 65% of the total participation in 2016, reflects a strong interest by vote, in which President Donald Trump, a republican, face the Democratic candidate Joe Biden, a former vice president.

Large numbers of people have already voted by mail or in person at polling stations, amid concerns about exposure to the coronavirus on Election Day, Tuesday.

Trump is behind Biden in national opinion polls amid criticism of his administration’s handling of COVID-19, which has left almost 229,000 dead in the United States.

The numbers of infected again are in daily highs.

Democrats have a significant advantage in early voting because of their adoption of the postal vote, which Republicans have historically used considerably but began to avoid after repeated and ill-founded attacks by Trump, who says that route lends itself to fraud.

Experts predict that the total turnout will easily exceed 138 million votes in 2016.

In 20 states that report data by party registration, 19.9 million registered Democrats have already voted compared to 13 million Republicans and 10.1 million with no party affiliation. The data does not reflect who they voted for.

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