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Pinheiro remembers the special of a Monterrey-Cruz Azul


Before that Cruz Azul and Monterrey faces are seen in their duel corresponding to day 16 of the 2020 Guard1anes tournament, the Brazilian Julio César Pinheiro, who was a player in both teams, recalled the time when he wore the light blue jacket and the striped one, highlighting the confrontations that he disputed with those of La Noria in Monterrey, affirming that they were special because of the whole atmosphere that was felt by the local team.

The moment of playing against Monterrey at home was very special because of the way their fans live football, they feel it differently from anywhere in the Mexican Republic, it was something nice, people got involved a lot, it was a meeting that they lived intensely ”, he declared.

Likewise, Pinheiro highlighted the growth that the ‘Sultana del Norte’ have had, ensuring that since the matches he held before them between 1999 and 2003, a competitive team was perceived.

I remember that the games against Monterrey were very complicated for us, because they began to have a good team, which later made great stories with the championships they won, today together with Tigres I believe they are one of the most important teams in Mexican soccer ” , he expressed.

On the other hand, the former midfielder made clear his affection for the striped squad, because it was the team that reached out to him to return to the courts after a severe injury that took him away from the courts for a year.

I came from a knee injury, I was without activity all of 2004, I could not play, I had surgery and that year was very sad for me, in 2005 when I returned and was looking for accommodation, the only team that opened the doors for me and gave me the opportunity was Monterrey, that is why I have affection for that institution, because it believed in me when no one gave me confidence, “he said.

Already with the Monterrey jacket had the opportunity to face the team of La Maquina, being an emotional encounter the one that lived in the Apertura 2005 on his return to Mexico City.

It was very nice because I returned to play at the Azul Stadium and it was something special, people always treated me very well, obviously I had mixed feelings because the truth was that I lived my best moments in soccer with Cruz Azul and it was something exciting to be able to return to my home, I am still a fan of the team, “he said.

By last, He stated that he has been aware of Cruz Azul news, so he is excited that with what is being done in this tournament, the 23-year slump can be broken without a league title.

I’ve been following the team, even if it’s online, but since last season I saw him very strong and now I also see him the same, very well armed in all his lines, he looks sure of what he plays, he has important players like Cabecita Rodríguez , a very solid team has been formed, hopefully they will reach the final to finalize the championship ”, he concluded.