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Senate readies online sessions since November

The president of the Senate Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Ricardo Monreal Ávila (Morena), is preparing an agreement with the leaders of the banks to be able to carry out remote plenary sessions starting next November.

A draft of plenary sessions and legislative committee meetings is advancing that will discuss and vote by digital means on reforms and laws, appointments and ratifications.

Monreal Ávila said that the analysis table of the digital modality, which was installed last August, did not achieve consensus for the reforms to the Constitution, the Organic Law of the General Congress and the Senate Regulations, with which the modality would be added to distance.

Ricardo Monreal Ávila, in an interview, pointed out that while consensus is reached that makes it possible to translate the option of digital Congress into the Constitution and laws, the Upper House will be able to continue its essential task of legislating without putting the members of the 64 at risk. Legislature and those who work in the Senate.

He explained that an agreement of the Jucopo, endorsed by the plenary session, becomes a source of parliamentary law, so that the legislative products obtained based on said digital Congress provisions would have legal validity, as they have when the modality is face-to-face.

So far, in the recess from May to August, the Permanent Commission has met six times remotely, with the limitation of not being able to vote on any matter. In order to convene extraordinary sessions, it was necessary for the 37 deputies and senators of that body of Congress to attend the Senate headquarters for face-to-face work.

To have reforms of the digital Congress “there have been no agreements, because there are many opinions and I think it is already very exhausted [el ejercicio] in which you have practically three months. Senator Mónica Fernández headed that working group and she tells me that it is very difficult to reach agreements there. Then I am going to try it through the Political Coordination Board, “said the legislator.

The remote sessions would have digital security measures, said Monreal, who has his project in the final review phase, before sharing it with parliamentary coordinators Mauricio Kuri González (PAN), Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa (PRD), Dante Delgado Rannauro (MC ), Manuel Velasco (PVEM), Geovanna Bañuelos de la Torre (PT), Sasil de León Villard (PES) and Miguel Ángel Mancera (PRD).