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Sheinbaum makes a call to ‘not lower our guard’ against COVID

The head of government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, called on the young people of the capital not to lower their guard in the measures to prevent infections by COVID-19, and avoid attending parties and meetings, although, the majority they are not seriously ill, they are carriers of the virus for vulnerable people.

“We know that it has been a very difficult year for everyone and that we miss the social gatherings, we have all been young and we know how important it is to share, but we cannot lower our guard, a young person may not become seriously ill, but be carrier of the virus for vulnerable people with unfortunate consequences, “said the president in a video posted on social networks.

He pointed out that this year everyone has had to do their part, from children who have not been able to go to school; mothers and fathers who have to combine childcare and family income; older adults who have had to take care of themselves more than ever; and the medical staff who risked their lives and their families in order to care for others.

“Let us continue to be in solidarity with everyone and everyone, today the preventive measures are not only to take care of health, but also to protect the economy, once again I ask you not to lower our guard,” he said.

The local president recalled that next week the epidemiological traffic light of the City will remain at an orange traffic light with an alert, due to the fact that hospitalizations have increased slightly in the last 10 days.

“I make a call to citizens, we do not want to return to the red light and that depends on the work that the government does but also on the collaboration of everyone, very likely they will be receiving a visit very soon from the promoters of Citizen Participation, to whom I thank and congratulate for their work, to give you more information and to know if someone in your family has any symptoms and what to do, “he said.

Regarding his state of health, Sheinbaum Pardo recalled that he tested positive for COVID, last Monday night and has followed the same steps recommended to all citizens, “I immediately sent my SMS message with the word covid19 to 51515, I I isolated and informed all the people with whom I was in contact in the last week, so that in turn they would isolate themselves and if they had any symptoms they would attend a test at the kiosks or health centers “.

He commented that so far he has had very mild symptoms and is being monitored by doctors from the National Institute of Nutrition and the Ministry of Health of Mexico City and received medical monitoring from a person from Locatel.

“At the moment I am in the department where I live, he used a face mask because my partner tested negative and we have to keep the distance and in common places we use face masks. As we have also been recommending it to the public,” he said.

He explained that the doctors have told him that the viral load of his test was low and that this is probably due, as several scientific articles mention, to the strict use of face masks and the healthy distance that he has tried to keep all this time.