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The traditional offering to the dead of La Casa Azul


With a traditional offering for the Day of the Dead to the painter Frida Kahlo, Mexico celebrates among colorful flowers, food and cardboard skulls, great artists who have lost their lives due to pandemics.

The altar, erected in the old Casa Azul, the home in Mexico City where Kahlo lived with her husband, the muralist Diego Rivera, is an installation by French creator Jean Paul Gaultier, inspired by one of his iconic self-portraits, titled “La Wound Table “(1940).

In the painting, the Mexican artist appears seated in front of a bloodstained wooden table that occupies the center of a gloomy stage, while she is accompanied by children, a deer, a skeleton and an anthropomorphic figure.

Traditionally, Mexicans build Day of the Dead altars in their homes and abroad, where they post photographs of the dead and items they enjoyed while alive.

Gaultier took the image to create the altar on which Frida’s smiling skull spreads among meats and marigold flowers with artists such as Moliere and Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, who like her were invited to cross the underworld to celebrate with the living, according to pre-Hispanic beliefs.

“We are encouraged to come considering all the precautions and also to continue teaching our children all these Mexican traditions,” said Edna Romero, who came with her family to see the installation wearing a mask.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Blue House, now converted into a museum, has been dosing the entrance of visitors so it is possible to stand in long lines before touring the offering, called “La Mesa Restaurada”.

“It’s an interesting experience for us about Mexico and the Day of the Dead,” said Mariyah Efimova, a tourist from Russia.

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