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The UFO Podcast Show: UFOs, Disturbing Stories and More

LA VOIX ACADIENNE (Prince Edward Island) – The approach of the festival of fear that is Halloween reminds us that certain almost timeless phenomena have always fascinated humanity. For some, these paranormal events simply stick to Halloween, remaining a pretext to trigger some chills. For others, the study of these phenomena is of a deeper, almost scientific passion. Jean Lavergne’s podcast, theOVNIShow, is the very example.

Karine Fleury – The Acadian Voice

Jean Lavergne is the head of DigiFilm media-press, an audiovisual production company in Summerside. A native of Quebec, he has been living in Prince Edward Island with his wife for about three years.

In addition to being a cameraman, videographer and producer, he has been interested in paranormal phenomena for 40 years. More specifically, in ufology research.

What is ufology research?

UFO research is the collection, analysis and interpretation of data concerning unidentified flying objects (UFOs). It is a parascience, that is to say a field of study of phenomena which goes beyond the traditional scientific framework, or for which there are no scientific explanations as such.

Jean Lavergne is an experienced cameraman, videographer and producer. Credit: Courtesy

“This is […] where we are in 2020, with ufology research: we have a lot of theories, a lot of assumptions, a lot of speculations, but finding what a UFO really is, we can only say […] which it is not, ”says Jean Lavergne.

The latter was interested very early in ufological phenomena. “I was always interested in that when I was young, the flying saucers and monsters movies. In the early 1980s, there was someone in my family who made a big UFO sighting and a lot of things happened related to that, so I started to take an interest in it more seriously, ”he explained in an interview.

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“It led me to investigate cases, observations, cases like that. I ended up developing a kind of expertise in the field. ” This expertise was also highlighted in 2016 by the Pauline Mongrain prize for ufological advancement in Quebec.

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The beginnings ofOVNIShow

In 2001, Jean Lavergne accepted a radio offer to host a weekly segment of a morning UFO show. In 2009, following the popularity of the weekly segment, Jean had the opportunity to produce an entire program on ufology research, theUFO Show, which turned out to be a huge success. After nine seasons, in 2019, he ended production on the show due to lack of time.

This fall, following a request from Carole Lauzé, host of the Parallel Zone Show on CJMD 96.9 FM in Lévis [au Québec], Jean Lavergne has decided to revive his show from its ashes. But this time around, it will be in the form of a bi-monthly 15-minute column.

“It’s’UFO Show which continues, but in the form of chronicles. It does not involve any guest: it deals with archives, my personal experiences, the investigations I made. It’s a big subject, ufology, and talking about it for 15-20 minutes, you can do it for 20 years ”.

Jean investigated in the field, especially around the 90s, in the Shawinigan region. “For six months there was [quelque chose] almost every day, with my small observation group, we were able to investigate and film. This is not nonsense, it is a real phenomenon. That’s why i like it […] treat this subject in a serious way, ”he explained.

He also notices that over time, prejudices have changed a lot. “Back in the day, you were an alien who wanted to get interested in aliens. But if you take away the wacky side, which has been the most popularized, it becomes interesting. To say that someone sees flying saucers is crazy, but to go and study a case of a lady who saw something and there are physical traces, if you make a serious and intelligent report, it is ‘is interesting”.

In concluding the interview, Jean Lavergne recounted this particular case, which happened in the region of Shawinigan, Quebec.

In the middle of the night, a woman was woken up by her barking dog. She went outside her home, to check out what was going on and saw a large object in her yard, resembling a saucer. The object was at the height of the trees. Something fell to the ground and that’s when the lady returned to hide in her home.

“She called us a week later and there were definitely marks on the ground, burnt leaves in the trees, and more. Something happened there that cannot be explained ”.

This kind of story, and more, is what we can find in Jean Lavergne’s podcast. The first three capsules are already available here.

The last capsule to date, questions the relationship of extraterrestrials with humans. “Why do they come to see us?”, That is the question he asks himself.