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There are 7 criminal groups in Edomex

The presence of seven criminal groups that operate in the State of Mexico, where even hitmen maintain control of regions such as southern Mexico, was one of the central issues in the appearance of the Attorney General, Alejandro Gómez Sánchez, before Congressmen local, who said the strategy is being rethought with the support of federal authorities.

He explained that among the plans is to cut off the communications of organized crime, disable its network, prevent its free movement, prevent the transfer of weapons, drugs, stolen money, and persons deprived of liberty. We had a case in which they transported young people recruited on cam for crime, he said.

Gómez Sánchez added that they seek to hinder the payment and management of their resources, of kidnappings, insuring companies, ranches and properties. Another axis is to prevent the transfer of weapons, vehicles and social proximity.

When appearing as part of the gloss of the Third Government Report, Gómez Sánchez spoke about the axes of litigation, gender violence, internal control and combating corruption, operability, expert services, institutional restructuring and improvement, immediate attention services and justice restorative, as well as actions derived from the pandemic, which will generate an increase in the crime rate.

During this period there was a 4.8% decrease in crimes in general.

The prosecutor’s office prosecuted more than 14 thousand investigation files in the accusatory criminal justice system, obtained more than 8 thousand orders of involvement in the process against 11 thousand 382 defendants, of which 8 thousand 95 correspond to high impact crimes; 5 thousand 80 convictions against 6 thousand 633 people, of these, 5 thousand 249 are also for high impact crimes.

Gómez Sánchez stressed that he has the support of the National Guard, the Secretary of Defense and the Navy.