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There was no risk of flight, says lawyer in case Gerardo Cardoso


After yesterday a judge sent to the North Prison the driver of a truck that collided with the motorcyclist Gerardo Cardoso and he lost his life immediately, now the lawyer of the driver of the truck indicates that they are dissatisfied with the resolution of the new judge of the case.

The lawyer said that his client, Adalberto “E”, always showed his face.

Simón Herrera, the lawyer, added that he was willing to continue his process, had he been released, there was at no time risk of flight.

He added that the case was too immediate and added that “the immediate should not influence under any reason the opinions issued by the judicial powers, the prosecution or the exercise of the defense, the important thing is the application of the norm and the constitution” .

He added that the case was resolved not in accordance with the law and that they will exercise the challenge as the law grants it.

He also explained that neither his client, Adalberto E. nor his family, are responsible for the threats that Gerardo Cardoso’s relatives have received.

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