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They retain resources in Insabi

During 2019, through the Trust of the Social Protection System in Health (FSPSS), 10 million 667 thousand 828 pesos were allocated to Insabi and, of these, their use in an agile and transparent mechanism was not proven.

The Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) detected that the application of resources to financially support the beneficiaries of the FSPSS, who suffer from diseases that implied catastrophic expenses, was not accredited.

“Deficiencies were identified in the design of the trust’s operating rules, as well as in the data contained in Insabi’s computer systems, referring to validated, authorized and paid interventions.”

In the Individual Report of the Result of the Superior Audit of the Public Account 2019 it is detailed that of the 10 million 667 thousand 828 pesos applied, more than 5 million 500 thousand were granted against the Catastrophic Expenses Protection Fund to cover the payment to the hospital units for the 66 thousand 417 interventions requested by patients with HIV, beneficiaries of the FSPSS.

In addition, one million 495 thousand 509 pesos were applied for the development of 30 highly specialized infrastructure projects and new technologies, and the other 3 million 661 thousand 621 pesos, through the Budgetary Provident Fund, to cover the payment of 76 infrastructure projects for primary care and basic specialties.