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They rule out that Rosa Rodríguez’s nomination is due to gender quota

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador assured that the nomination of Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velásquez to assume the title of the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC) does not respond to a gender quota, but to the fact that she is a person with experience, principles and honesty .

“It is not just a matter of quota, it is about a woman with principles, ideals, with mystics, an honest woman,” justified the president.

In an interview with the media after the signing of the agreement for the transfer of the Centro Nacional de Arraigo to the government of Morelos, López Obrador said that he already communicated to Rosa Icela Rodríguez Velásquez his intention for her to be the new head of the SSPC and revealed that the current coordinator of Ports and Merchant Marine was surprised by this nomination.

“I already spoke, he’s thinking about it,” he said.

“Yes, she told me that, she was surprised, but she has always been in this fight, she has always defended this cause, she has always been with us and I have a lot of confidence in her. She is a woman with principles, honest, hardworking … I mean, if it comes from your union (journalist). I told him: as surely you already found out, I have proposed you to be a secretary. He will inform me, it may be tomorrow, the day after tomorrow; but I will inform you on Tuesday ” the president responded to the press.

Accompanied by Alfonso Durazo Montaño in what was his last event as head of the SSPC, President López Obrador reported that Rosa Icela Rodríguez is feeling better, after testing positive for COVID-19.

He reiterated that he wants Durazo Montaño to continue in the post, but pointed out that he has already made the commitment to run for a candidacy for the governorship of Sonora.