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They will receive the souls with virtual song

In Naolinco, Veracruz, the celebration of the Day of the Dead will be broadcast through digital platforms. Photo: Lourdes López


The pandemic forced to modernize the celebration of the Day of the Dead that takes place in the municipality of Naolinco, Veracruz. The traditional cantada, which is the welcoming ceremony for the souls that come to earth and which takes place in the general cemetery, this year will be virtual.

The strategy for this year is to continue with the promotion of customs, culture and popular art that, when these dates arrive, flood the streets of Naolinco and belonging communities, where gastronomy is part of the tradition, since visitors can arrive at a house and taste mole, tamales, pan de muerto, hot chocolate and regional dishes that are also placed on the altars of the houses.

This November 1 and 2 will not be the same. The evening they did in the pantheon this year will be a ritual that will be part of a virtual festival. There will be workshops, plays, round tables on topics related to the traditions of the Day of the Dead and the staging of Naolinco legends.

Arturo Escobar Tapia, director of municipal culture, reported that on the ground floor of the municipal palace there will also be samples that will be transmitted through digital platforms and there will be tours through a narrative work that will show the natural beauties offered by this demarcation located in the Chiconquiac mountain range.

For the singing, some neighbors and authorities arranged the recording of the ceremony that will be broadcast at midnight on November 1.

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