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Young man takes his life on Day of the Dead in Cuemanco


A young man of approximately 25 years of age hanged himself tied to a tree this morning in the Ciénega Grande, in the Cuemanco Ecological Park, and was found by a cyclist and photographer, who immediately asked the authorities for help.

He told Excelsior digital:

“I went out in the morning to go mountain biking. When I saw the sunrise I found a beautiful orange moon, huge, so I returned by bicycle to my house through the digital camera.

“When I came back, the moon had disappeared, but when I turned to the left I found this young man. I immediately took off on the same bike and told a patrol that I found myself.

“I did not take data but she was a very nice policewoman, I said ‘there is a young man hanged, please follow me, maybe he is playing because it is Halloween’ I told her. The officer followed me and when she arrived she said, ‘no, that wey He’s not playing (like this) I’m going to ask for paramedics’ … and he left.

“I waited for her for a while and therefore I respectfully used the camera to record what happened and take photos with journalistic instinct, an apology to the family for the cold image and my prayers for her loss.”

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