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Yucatán opens cemeteries for visits without registering crowds

Possibly due to the risk of contagion to COVID-19, the day of visits and tours of cemeteries both in Mérida and in municipalities in the interior of the State, passed quietly and under strict sanitary measures.

There were no agglomerations from other years, nor massive sales of flowers, candles and others to remember and venerate the faithful departed; Although the Yucatecan traditions of making the traditional mucbipollo (dough cake with meat and spices that is baked on firewood and underground or in an oven) were less due to the economic crisis, unemployment and the coronavirus pandemic.

Mérida City Council staff supervised the only two pantheons that opened in the city, the one in Xoclán and the general cemetery where health and surveillance protocols were installed so that those who entered would do so in order and two by two, that is, no more people were allowed to control attendance.

In the interior of the state, the municipalities also controlled the visits to the pantheons on the occasion of the days dedicated to the faithful departed.

In the general cemetery, the circulation was changed, which prevented the entry of vehicles inside the cemetery, in addition sanitizing tunnels were placed at the entrance and in the case of Xoclán a sanitization area was placed.

Around noon there was little influx of people and those who entered the pantheon did so with supplies to clean the tombs of their deceased and others to place flowers.

The Commune staff recalled that to enter the pantheons it is mandatory to wear face masks and during the stay in them, as well as the application of antibacterial gel, and to comply with sanitary protocols such as maintaining a healthy distance.

It was a first day dedicated to the faithful deceased in Yucatán, but different, in which there was not a great turnout in the same cemeteries.