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33 clandestine graves found in Cortazar

Security elements found 33 clandestine graves with human remains, presumably of 20 people, in a land located in the community of Cañada de Caracheo, in the municipality of Cortazar, and three allegedly implicated were also arrested.

Forensic experts from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) have worked in the town since Friday, while officials from the State Public Security Forces (FSPE) blocked access to the property.

Security agents deployed in the area revealed that in the first reports 33 excavations were carried out, referred to by the prosecution as “artificial underground finds”, in which the remains of between 18 and 20 people were located.

The FGE explained that first three men allegedly members of a criminal group were arrested, to whom they secured three firearms, cartridges, tactical equipment, radio communication equipment, drug doses, two motorcycles and a sedan vehicle.

“Derived from this, a forensic team from the Criminal Investigation Agency, when conducting an exploration in the area, found various signs that warn of the existence of corporeal remains, for which the work and prosecutions continue,” the FGE explained in a statement. .

The detainees were identified as Luis “N”, José “N” and Javier “N”, who are subject to investigation to be brought before a judge to determine their legal status.

“The progress and results of the investigation will be reported once they are obtained and do not compromise the integrity of the investigations,” the prosecution reported.


In Salvatierra, the National Personnel Search Commission and its state counterpart concluded the work on the Rancho Nuevo property, in the San Juan neighborhood, where they located the remains of 61 people.

The FGE affirmed that experts in anthropology, dentistry, fingerprint, medicine, genetics and criminalistics are working to achieve identification as soon as possible, after groups of relatives of the disappeared demanded agility in the processes, in order not to prolong the stay of the bodies in the Semefo.