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36 directors protest against the new museum closure

The Palace of Art Museum in Düsseldorf, one of those that must close. Photo: Taken from hoofdingang van het_ @ Paul Hermans

BONN, Germany.

Directors of renowned art museums in Germany protested yesterday through a letter against the closure of their institutions, due to new restrictions to combat the surge in coronavirus infections.

We recognize that politicians made an effort in the elaboration of the new restrictions to proceed in a differentiated way ”, pointed out the 36 executives.

At the same time, they regretted that cultural activities are once again extremely affected and, with them, museums, which for the second time this year will have to be closed for several weeks. “With all the understanding for the challenges that the coronavirus faces, we consider this decision to be wrong.”

They added that museums are among the safest public places and that the hygiene and distancing measures developed since March, the limitation of the number of visitors, the consequent renunciation of openings and larger events proved their effectiveness.

They said that if the museums should close again it is due to a symbolic gesture.

It is incomprehensible why markets for building materials, car dealerships and other stores will remain open; but the museums, which have a similar or larger surface area for the public to transit according to the rules set out against the coronavirus, must remain closed, ”they pointed out.

Signed Stephan Berg, helmsman of the Bonn Art Museum; Frédéric Bußmann, from the Chemnitz Art Collections; Peter Gorschlüter, from the Folkwang Museum in Essen; Ulrike Groos, from the Stuttgart Museum of Art; Alexander Klar, from the Kunsthalle in Hamburg; Eva Kraus, from the Bundeskunsthalle in Bonn and Felix Krämer, from the Düsseldorf Art Palace Museum Foundation, among others.