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6-month-old baby defeats Covid at the Military Hospital

Raúl Arturo entered the Sedena hospital on August 7, with the anguish of his parents who for 5 days only managed to see him through video conference. Photo: Cuartoscuro


At six months old, Raúl Arturo has already overcome his first challenge, he managed to defeat Covid-19 with the care he received at the Military Hospital for Women’s Specialties and Neonatology.

He was born at the beginning of the pandemic, on April 30 of this year, and in his house everyone was infected, starting with his grandmother, and then his parents, Diana Tenorio and Raúl Martínez.

“My mother began to have nausea, and as she has several chronic diseases, we decided to bring her to the Central Military Hospital, and two days after being bedridden they gave us the news that she tested positive for Covid,” Diana commented.

From that moment, at Raúl Arturo’s house, the concern of his parents began, before the possibility that the contagion would spread and affect them all.

“We did the test at around 10 in the morning, because we had to schedule so that they could do the test, and at 12 noon we with a positive status of my mother-in-law, we notified our doctor that we had direct contact with her .

“Then we started treatment, the next day they gave us proof that it was positive, but we were already in treatment when we found out that we were positive,” Martínez explained.

Thus began the concern that Raúl Arturo, with his three months of life, was also infected, which was confirmed when he began to present symptoms.

“Irritability, such as tiredness, lack of appetite, was what gave us the focus and in the afternoon he had a fever, so, faced with that situation, and taking into consideration that it had been premature and required oxygen, they recommended that we approach this hospital, ”said Tenorio.

Raúl Arturo entered the hospital of the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) on August 7, with the anguish of his parents who for 5 days only managed to see him through a video conference.

“When your family member is in the hospital, you are thinking about how he will be, and waiting for the time to come, so that you can have contact with him. The video calls were in the afternoon and the phone reports were in the morning, ”said Diana.

“The day only had two hours, when I had to know about him, it was difficult,” said Arturo, whose voice breaks when remembering those moments.

The cares

Ana Isabel González Sánchez, Second Assistant Nursing Assistant Sergeant, was in charge of Raúl Arturo’s care, so that he received his medical treatment and, most importantly, the signs of affection.

“In this case, we speak to Raúl, he is a patient who when he entered with us was three months old, an infant. Talk to him, as if we were the parents of the patients.

“So we hug them, we touch them, we carry them, we give them that affection, that affection that patients need,” said Sergeant González Sánchez.

The Military Hospital for Women’s Specialties and Neonatology began last April with the application of treatment for Covid-19, reported Major Miguel Ángel González Morales, specializing in pediatrics.

“We have treated around 20 patients of different ages, we are talking from infants, preschoolers, schoolchildren and adolescents up to 15 years of age, which is our margin.

“From 15 years of age on they go to the Central Military Hospital, or if they are not so serious cases, they stabilize and later refer to hospitals that can receive them,” explained the head of the Covid area of ​​the military hospital.