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After the plague, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment

“He remained a leper until the day of his death. And he lived in an isolated house ”, it is read about King Azarías in the Old Testament (Kings 2, 15.5). Mankind knew millennia ago that it is necessary to separate the sick from infectious and keep distances to avoid contagion. 700 years ago Venice created the lazaretos. But forbidding Spaniards to leave the bridge is authoritarian, if not dictatorial, if not totalitarian, it is Bolivarian, some already appeal to Stalinism. When the most probable is that the state of alarm – foreseen in the Constitution precisely for this – will have to be hardened long before its end on May 9. We are now startled by the street riots linked to denialism. Nothing new: health crises always collide obscurantism and science. The hopeful thing is that knowledge and not superstition are usually victorious.

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