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CDMX must clarify 7 thousand million pesos

As part of the second delivery of individual reports on the review of the Public Account 2019, the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) established that Mexico City has pending clarification of about 7 thousand 516 million 470 thousand 577 pesos in relation to what is received from federalized spending.

Regarding the resources of the Multiple Contribution Fund (FAM) for fiscal year 2019, which are destined to education, the ASF reviewed a sample of 668 million 42 thousand pesos, which represented 87.4% of the 764.3 million transferred to the capital government.

According to the document, the ASF identified that as of December 31, 2019, the local government committed 661 million 871 thousand pesos and paid 568.8 million, while on March 31, 2020 it exercised 626.1 million, additionally they were reimbursed to the Treasury of the Federation 50 million 484 thousand pesos.

However, he pointed out that the local government incurred in breaches of the regulations and generated a probable damage to the Federal Public Treasury for 15 million 822 thousand pesos, since it lacked an adequate internal control system to prevent risks, in addition, the Transparency obligations on fund management.

Regarding the health sector, Mexico City had a poor rating, as the ASF indicated that the information and documentation provided by the capital government was partially delivered and was not specific, so it did not allow to verify that the Fund’s records of Contributions for Health Services, for fiscal year 2019, are duly identified, controlled and updated, with their original documentation that justifies and verifies the incurred expense.

For this reason, it determined that the capital government incurred in breaches that generated probable damage to the Federal Public Treasury for 4 thousand 592 million 163 thousand pesos, which represents 100% of the transferred resources; as well as 2 million of financial returns.

Regarding the federal resources transferred for the concept of social quota and federal solidarity contribution of the Social Protection System in Health (Seguro Popular 2019), the same thing happened and there is a probable damage of 2 thousand 695 million 221 pesos, which represents 91.4% of the total received; ASF indicated that the information and documentation provided by the local government did not allow to verify compliance with the obligations related to this money.