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China detects coronavirus in imported fish and pork

China has once again detected coronavirus in the packaging of frozen fish from Ecuador and in the packaging of frozen pork imported from Brazillocal media reported today.

The Chinese authorities have decided to suspend the importation of the Ecuadorian company Firexpa, after found traces of covid-19 in the packages of a batch of frozen fishsaid the General Administration of Customs.

The suspension will take effect for one week, according to the Customs statement, which was published last night on its website.

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After the different cases detected in China in recent months, especially in frozen foods from Latin America, China has indicated that it will suspend imports for a week of those products that test positive for coronavirus and for a month if it is the third time or more.

Also packing of a batch of frozen pork imported from Brazil has tested positive for covid-19 held last Thursday in the city of Yantai, in eastern China’s Shandong province, the official Global Times newspaper reported.

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The lot was found in a barbecue restaurant and fish market in Yantai. The local Office of Control and Prevention of coronavirus said that city ​​residents who have visited both places should inform their residential communities and closely observe their health conditions.

The health department will track down all close contacts related to those Brazilian pork products, of which the supplier company was not informed, and will test them for covid-19 at designated hospitals.

For its part, Ecuador has intensified surveillance measures in all fishing and packaging processes

A total of 1,475 packages of pork, weighing 27 tons have already been traced since Thursday, according to the official gazette, which adds that 3,097 samples collected from close contacts, products, packaging and close environments have tested negative in the tests performed.

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On July 10, traces of coronavirus were discovered in the outer packaging of Ecuadorian white shrimp from three companies: Industrial Pesquera Santa Priscila, Empacreci and Edpacif, for which China temporarily suspended its imports and ordered the withdrawal of all packages of this type arrived since March 12.

Subsequently, the companies were again authorized to resume their sales after improving their control protocols. Ecuador alleges that the traces have been found on the outer packaging or on the walls of containers, thus the contagion can have any origin, and not precisely be related to the manipulation of the product in the Ecuadorian industries.

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Even so, and in order to continue exporting to China and other markets, the country’s Ministry of Production has stepped up surveillance measures in all fishing and packaging processes.

On August 13, traces of coronavirus were also found on the surface of a batch of frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, in the southern province of Guangzhou.