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Church criticizes the use of religious festivals as a pretext for agglomerations in Mexico

The Mexican Catholic Church on Sunday expressed its support for the measures taken for the Day of the Dead and criticized the use of religious holidays as a pretext for meeting in the midst of the pandemic, which has left 91,753 deaths and 924,962 confirmed cases in the country.

In its Sunday editorial of the weekly Desde la Fe, the Archdiocese of Mexico stated that “the civil authorities have done the same to prevent the tragedy caused by COVID-19 from growing,” such as, during the Day of the Dead holiday, closing the cemeteries to reduce the risk of contagion.

“However, all the containment measures, existing and to be, will be insufficient if as a people we continue to use religious and civil festivals as a pretext to meet,” he said.

He also added that these measures will be useless “if as a people we fail to understand that we are living in an exceptional situation that requires a heroic effort to overcome this historic crisis.”

The Archdiocese pointed out that “the roots of religious festivals is not an excuse to get together en masse, since our lives and that of many other people are at stake.”

So he asked to celebrate and commemorate those occasions “without the need for crowds.”

He stressed that this year, the Day of the Dead or Commemoration of the Faithful Dead, as the Catholic Church calls it, has “a special relevance because it is celebrated in the middle of a pandemic” that has left 1,190,000 people dead in the world, and whose families have experienced “the pain of a hasty and painful departure.”

He recalled that the Church in Mexico has not only suffered the death of priests, religious men and women, and many lay faithful, but that it has known how to be family in accompanying members who suffer the loss of a loved one in these unfortunate circumstances.

The Archdiocese recalled that it has also made a call to the lay faithful so that, from their homes, they unite spiritually in prayer for the deceased.

He even asked the parish priests to transmit the religious ceremonies of this November 2 through digital media, which will be offered for the eternal rest of the deceased, and take care that there is no concentration in the crypts of the churches.

This Saturday, the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate called on the bishops of the entire country to remember the victims of the pandemic on November 2, Day of the Faithful, in all the dioceses of Mexico, especially in their prayers and masses.