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Churches in France remember victims of attack in Nice


The churches in France they organized this Sunday services in honor at three people what they died in a Islamic extremist attack in the basilica of Notre Dame in Nice, incident that placed the country in maximum security alert, while the police questioned six suspects if.

The Archbishop of Nice Andre Marceau was preparing for a special night service in the basilica to purify it after knife attack Thursday, and then surrender tribute at victims and celebrate the All Saints Day, when many christians in the world they remind the dead.

Priests at the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris and other parts of France mentioned the attack during their All Saints Day services, for which an exception was made to a new month-long quarantine that began on Friday.

Riot police or other security forces stood guard at some important religious sites.

The authorities have classified the attack as an act of Islamist terrorism.

The incident comes at a time of global tensions over the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a French magazine, which deeply offended Muslims.

French Imams and other Muslims were among those who claimed that the Nice attack had nothing to do with their faith and called for calm.

The three victims are Vincent Loques, a 55-year-old church watcher and father of two, whom parishioners and merchants in the area described as “kind to everyone”; parishioner Nadien Devillers, 60; and the Brazilian Simone Barreto Silva, 44, a mother of three who moved to France to join a dance group led by her sister and worked serving the elderly and dreamed of traveling the world in a ‘food truck’ .