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Curses in the world of sports


The curses are not alien to the world of sports, some Championship droughts or losing streaks both teams and athletes are attributed to paranormal situations or that simply involve factors difficult to understand and on the occasion of the day of Halloween it’s time to remember some of them.


One of the most famous paranormal situations in baseball. In 1920, the owner of the Boston Red Sox decided to sell his star player, Geroge Herman ‘Babe’ Ruth (the Bambino), to his staunch rival, the New York Yankees.

From that point on, it took Boston’s ninth 89 years to win a World Series again; while New Yorkers were crowned up to 26 times.


Quarterback and kicker Bobby Layne led the Detroit Lions to glory before being sold to the Pittsburg Steelers after the 1958 championship. From that point on the quarterback cursed the ‘car city’ team, claiming that ” they wouldn’t earn anything in 50 years. “

To date, the Lions have not been able to be crowned, much less reach a Super Bowl, however, the most curious thing was that when the 50th anniversary of Layne’s curse was completed, in the 2008 NFL season, Detroit made history by losing all their games and finish 16-0 this season.


The Copa América hides a mystery that ends up harming whoever manages to conquer it, since none of its monarchs has been able to rise as world champion in the closest World Cup after the South American contest.

The most recent case was that of the Chilean national team, who won the 2015 and 2016 Centennial editions, however, they did not even get their ticket to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It should be remembered that the Copa América is an even older tournament than the World Cup.


One of the curses that the NBA harbors is that of the Sacramento Kings, whose last title was in 1951 with Arnie Risen, Bob Davies and Bobby Wanzer as the figures of the quintet.

Although the important thing is to mention that the championship ring was obtained under the name of Rochester Royals. After that triumph, they changed the venue and name, never to be monarchs of American basketball again.


Benfica of Portugal continues to suffer the curse that the late Austro-Hungarian strategist, Bela Guttmann, professed against them.

Since he was fired in 1962, the Lisboners have failed to win a continental championship. Guttmann had given the club two consecutive titles in the European Cup, which is known as the Champions League today.

Benfica will not be European champions again without me. The club will not win a continental competition for the next 100 years, “said the former coach, and since then the Eagles have lost in the Champions League and Europa League finals.


It was October 6, 1945, William Sianis, owner of a tavern in Chicago, went to Wrigley Field with his goat, to witness a game of the Cubs. The problem was that ‘Murphy’, his pet, annoyed the fans who were near him with his smell.

He was harassed by the rest of the spectators and had to leave the stadium with his animal. The resentment that the embarrassing moment caused him was such that he only went so far as to say: “The Cubs will never win a championship again”. Really harsh words for a ninth that was defining the World Series and ended up losing.

Finally, after 71 years of ‘the curse of the goat’, the Chicago Cubs were able to break the curse and conquer the World Series title.