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Humberto Moreira assures closure of his case in Spain

The National Court of Spain annulled the trial against the former governor of Coahuila, Humberto Moreira Valdés, accused of “money laundering” and of alleged links with organized crime.

Through a statement, the former national leader of the PRI reported that the Criminal Chamber of the National Court rejected the appeal made by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, “fully confirming the dismissal, a firm resolution for which no recourse can be filed.”

In January 2016, Moreira Valdés was detained by the Spanish police at the Madrid international airport, as a result of an investigation initiated by the Spanish Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, at the request of the United States.

According to Moreira Valdés, on October 26, the Fourth Section of the Spanish National Court confirmed the decision to dismiss agreed on August 31 by the Central Investigating Court number 1, dismissing the appeal for reform and subsidiary appeal filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. .

“The Criminal Chamber of the National High Court has confirmed the criteria of the Central Court of Instruction number 1 of the National High Court of Spain, completely rejecting the appeal filed by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, fully confirming the dismissal of Humberto Moreira Valdés, resolution firm for which there is no recourse whatsoever, “the statement said.

Moreira Valdés expressed his satisfaction with the resolution for this recognition, said, his innocence and “regretted the enormous suffering that his wife, children and relatives have suffered because of the accusations of those who, for years, have not ceased their efforts tie him to events of all kinds. “

“Unlike them, who are being tried, Humberto Moreira Valdés has proven his innocence,” he said.