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IMSS prepares supply network for cancer drugs


The general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), Master Zoé Robledo, announced that it is working on the creation of a network of oncology drug supply managers in the IMSS Representation Offices in the states, and in each second and third level hospital.

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During the eighth session of the working group between authorities of the institution and mothers and fathers of pediatric patients with cancer treatment, Zoé Robledo indicated that based on the specific cases presented by relatives, it was determined to appoint a person in charge who dedicates time and effort to attend to each problem.

It was reported that at the next meeting the list with the names of those responsible will be released, who will have to implement the strategies established in central offices.

The bureaucracy cannot beat us, nor the paperwork, and much less the indolence or indifference, that is not valid and whoever acts like this does not deserve to be a Social Security worker, I tell you with my hand on my heart ”, the head of IMSS.

On the other hand, it was announced that the supply of cancer drugs is more than double, going from 290 thousand at the beginning of September to more than 640 thousand in the last week of October; These drugs are distributed in warehouses, Social Security pharmacies and Central de Mixtures.

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Regarding the platform for pediatric oncology patients, it was detailed that 506 girls and boys are registered who receive treatments and chemotherapies in six medical units of the Institute. Work is being done so that the 113 medical units and hospitals where chemotherapy is provided have the Electronic Medical Record.

In addition, the training of medical and nursing staff continues in person to adopt this digital tool. In this sense, it was agreed that the Director of Innovation and Technological Development, Claudia Vázquez Espinoza, and the person in charge of Pediatric OncoIMSS, Dr. Enrique López Aguilar, go to Torreón, Coahuila to verify its implementation.

Meanwhile, the mothers and fathers of pediatric patients expressed their confidence that the platform will improve the opportunity in the delivery of medicines in each region of the country.

On another topic, already proposed by Zoé Robledo, the next work session will present various international Clinical Practice Guidelines and the care protocols applied by the IMSS, in order to standardize a single approach criterion for all patients.

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As a result of the exchange of ideas and experiences in the work sessions, the director of the General Hospital of the La Raza National Medical Center, Dr. Guillermo Careaga, explained that this medical unit is working to implement the “Golden Hour” strategy, in order to provide immediate care and medications to pediatric cancer patients with fever.

With the consent of the attending mothers and fathers, the meetings will be held on Wednesdays at 6:00 p.m.

This meeting was attended by, on behalf of Social Security, the general director of the IMSS, Maestro Zoé Robledo; and the directors of Institutional Linking and Evaluation of Delegations, and of Innovation and Technological Development, David Razú Aznar and Claudia Vázquez Espinoza, respectively.

Representing the mothers and fathers of children with cancer who receive treatment at the IMSS, Mrs. María and Dulce, Mr. Mario, as well as a representative of the company Central de Mezclas – Productos Hospitalarios / SAFE.

Also from the IMSS, the coordinator of High Specialty Medical Units, Efraín Arizmendi Uribe; the coordinator of Links with Public, Private and Social Organizations, Marcela Velázquez Bolio; the person in charge of Pediatric OncoIMSS, Enrique López Aguilar; and the head of the Administration Unit, José Eduardo Thomas Ulloa.

In addition, the Supply Control coordinator, Carlos García Romero; the technical coordinator of Planning of the Supply Control Coordination, Aurora Coutiño Ruiz; the director of the Pediatric Hospital of the National Medical Center (CMN) Siglo XXI, Rocío Cárdenas Navarrete; and the director of the General Hospital of CMN La Raza, Guillermo Careaga Reyna.