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Mexico, still without registration of migrant children expelled by the US

According to the NYT newspaper, US border authorities have been expelling migrant children from other countries to Mexico. File photo: Cuartoscuro


The Mexican government said it did not have a registry of unaccompanied migrant children who have entered the country, in response to a report that US officials have been sending foreign minors to Mexico, which would violate bilateral agreements.

The New York Times reported Friday that US border authorities have been expelling migrant children from other countries to Mexico. The immigration issue has strained ties between neighboring countries under the administration of US President Donald Trump.

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The government of the Latin American nation reacted on Saturday saying it would examine the report, but has not confirmed any cases.

“So far there is no record of minors who have entered the national territory without the accompaniment of their relatives,” wrote Roberto Velasco, general director for North America of the Mexican Foreign Ministry, on his Twitter account.

He added that Mexico will continue to investigate the matter together with civil society groups and multilateral organizations.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Mexican official said US authorities were not allowing Mexico to review who was being expelled from the United States. Efforts were underway to negotiate a solution to the problem, the official added.

According to the newspaper, the expulsions were set out in an internal email from a senior U.S. Border Patrol official, violating the terms under which Mexico agreed to help Washington impose stricter border controls to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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