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Morelos is 63% complete

Officials toured some of the rehabilitated buildings. Photo: Courtesy INAH

Cuernavaca, Morelos.

The reconstruction process in Morelos presents a global progress of 63 percent as of October 2020, informed authorities of the Government of Mexico as part of the progress of the National Reconstruction Program, three years after the 2017 earthquakes.

In the Cuauhnáhuac Regional Museum, Palacio de Cortés, the National Reconstruction Commissioner, David Ricardo Cervantes, explained that, in the 2019-2020 period, “more than 35 billion pesos have been allocated to reconstruction, with which 55 thousand 600 reconstruction, restoration and rehabilitation actions of buildings have been carried out to support families and communities, ”INAH points out in a statement.

In Morelos, he said, “about 8 thousand 800 million pesos have been allocated to reconstruction in general, and for the restoration of about 300 buildings that are part of the historical heritage.”

It was noted that the INAH of Morelos has restored 167 properties and 47 sets of movable property associated with them, which represent an advance of 64 percent, considering the 259 historical monuments and archaeological zones that were affected in the state.

The 92 properties that are being treated present advances of between 40 and 80 percent, including conventual jewels classified as World Heritage.

For INAH, in the words of its director Diego Prieto, “the restoration of historical and archaeological heritage has represented the most important challenge in its history.”

Many enclosures have been handed over to the communities for their use and enjoyment, in renewed aesthetic and structural stability conditions.