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PAN and Morena propose jail time and fines for blocking roads

The presidents of the Communications and Transportation commissions, Víctor Manuel Pérez Díaz (PAN), and of Public Security, Juanita Guerra Mena (Morena), in the Chamber of Deputies, joined together to present a reform in order to punish up to seven years imprisonment and a fine of up to 86 thousand pesos to those who block any highway in the country or railroad tracks, and obtain a profit or prevent collection at any booth.

In the document signed by Carlos Elhier Cinta Rodríguez, it is also sought that those who damage the roads or means of transport, or interrupt road works, or any operation, be punished with up to seven years and fined up to 43 thousand pesos.

“Those who in the exercise of the conduct established in the previous article obtain a profit, prevent the collection or condition in a total or partial way the transit of the means of transport, that circulate in general communication routes, will be sanctioned”, defines the initiative , which seeks to reform article 533 and add another to the General Communication Roads Law.

Deputy Juanita Guerra said that this reform is intended to strengthen the punitive sanctioning framework with regard to roadblocks and defend the constitutional right of Mexicans to mobility and free movement in the country.

“Roads are one of our most important assets, not only from the perspective of connecting and transferring people, but also because where there is a communication channel, there is progress, economic development, social, cultural and service exchange.

“No one can deny that where there is a highway that connects regions there is human development. The Mexican highway network is not only part of a distribution of goods and services, in organic terms,” ​​said Juanita Guerra.

He added that the dumping in the booths generates losses to the sector of more than 7 billion pesos, without considering the additional costs not quantified in the property damage of the cars, logistics costs, effects on individuals who are prevented from carrying out their activities and mobility chain.

These costs are direct, as in the cases of the Fonadin and Capufe concessions, due to a public nature, damages that are and are quantified, from 2019 to 2020, for 7 billion pesos.

“This proposal is consistent with the President of the Republic, the lawyer Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the sense that this problem has acquired national relevance and it has been pointed out in various media that these acts will not be allowed and that there is no social cause that justifies it, “explained the Morenoist legislator.