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Pending, Senate before López Obrador reform to outsourcing

The Senate is waiting for an initiative from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in the matter of subcontracting, a figure known as outsourcing, for the benefit of millions of workers who work under this modality.

An opinion of reforms to the Federal Labor and Social Security laws has been held in the Board of Directors since last October, so the possibility of the Executive sending its project to the Upper House soon is being considered.

The leader of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), Ricardo Monreal, recalled: “Here is a pending opinion [en materia de subcontratación] and that very little prevented its approval, two or three points. “

He affirmed that he awaits the sending of the corresponding initiative and although there is a month and a half of sessions left in Congress, Monreal Ávila considered it possible that the reform could pass before December 15, the closing date of the regular session.

On this occasion, forums in open parliament, which have already been held in the Senate, would not be required. In that sense, Monreal Ávila affirmed that “we have postponed the issue and requires a quick solution.”

The president of the Federation of Trade Unions of State Service Workers (FSTSE), Joel Ayala Almeida, applauded the presidential initiative and told the deputies and senators: “Or the subcontracting scheme that is harmful to the worker is eliminated in its entirety. or, where appropriate, all the guarantees of the law are granted, under the principles established in the Constitution and specified by the Federal Labor Law. “

Carrying out a reform, he added, “must mean that each day of your performance, [el empleado] count on the future pension (…) with the rest of the rights “.