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Superior Audit asks the Q4 to clarify 25.7 thousand million pesos

Of the total amount observed of 25 thousand 748 million pesos that the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF) made to the Public Account 2019, corresponding to the first year of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the funds and programs of the Health and Education represent 82.47%, since between them they add 21 thousand 236.7 million pesos.

Last Friday, the supervisory body delivered to the Chamber of Deputies the Individual Reports of the Second Delivery of Results of the Superior Audit of the Public Account 2019. This audit includes only the second delivery of individual reports of the first year of the administration of López Obrador.

The ASF specified that the total amount observed is not decisive because, of that figure, 737.8 million have already been recovered, while the remainder to be clarified amounts to 25 thousand 10. 2 million pesos.

This audit does not yet include preliminary results of the three infrastructure megaprojects in Q4, such as the Maya Train, the Dos Bocas refinery and the Santa Lucía airport.

Among the observations to be highlighted by the head of the ASF, David Colmenares Páramo, in this installment are that of funds and programs of the Health sector, since they were audited with the highest values ​​in the indicator (amount observed against the audited sample) , and also, although, on a smaller scale, those of the Education sector.

According to the ASF, this indicator, an amount observed with respect to the audited sample, helps to evaluate the quality of resource management, in the case of audits carried out on programmable federalized spending.


Regarding the observations to the Health sector, the total amount of three programs add up to 20 thousand 794.1 million pesos (80.76% of the total amount observed), with the Contribution Fund for Health Services (Fassa) being the most robust figure, since it amounts to 9 thousand 536.6 million pesos.

The second place is occupied by the Seguro Popular, since the observations indicated for this second installment account for 8 thousand 499.6 million pesos.

Meanwhile, the Health Care Program of Free Medicines for the Population without Labor Security 33 audits were performed on 89.6% of its resources, finding an amount of 2,667.9 million pesos in observations.

Regarding the five funds and programs of the Education sector with the greatest observations in the Public Account 2019, the figure adds up to 442.6 million pesos, and with the highest amount is the Multiple Contribution Fund (FAM), with 194.9 million, followed by the National English Program (Proni), with an amount of 112.8 million pesos in observations.

The Initial Education Expansion Program accumulated 85.4 million pesos, Escuelas al CIEN, 26.1 million, and the Contribution Fund for Technological and Adult Education (FAETA), 23.0 million.

In the case of the Public Account 2019, it can increase exponentially once all the audit procedures for the fiscal year have been performed, complete or including other agencies, projects, funds and programs in the sample.