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They denounce the disappearance of an American in Sonora

The family of a Hispanic from Mesa (Arizona, USA) who traveled to the Mexican state of Sonora reported that they have not known his whereabouts for five days and fear that something may have happened to him, so they ask the Mexican authorities and the people help finding it.

Miguel Quezada traveled to Obregón (Mexico) on October 24 as a tourist and during the first days he was in contact with the family, Lesley Quezada, his sister, told the Arizona media.

“The last we heard from him was when he posted a video of his visit to Altar,” a town in Sonora, on social networks five days ago, the sister told ABC15.

Lesley Quezada pointed out that her brother, who has US nationality, had planned to visit the town of Caborca ​​to visit relatives before returning to Mesa and declared that she was “scared” by the possibility that he was in the hands of people who are doing him hurt.

“My mom is desperate,” he added.

The Altar area, in Sonora, is included in the latest warnings from the State Department for travelers to Mexico because it is considered a transit point for human and drug traffickers.

“That corridor is really dangerous, that’s why we kept in touch,” said Quezada’s sister, who noted that a cause for concern is that her brother is traveling in a vehicle with US plates. “That makes us more afraid,” he said.

“If they want the car, let them keep it. We are not going to press charges, we don’t care about the car. What we want is my brother back,” he said.

A few weeks ago a Mesa man, Mason Davis, and his family were detained near Caborca ​​but were allowed to go and his truck and other belongings were later recovered by Mexican authorities.

Quezada said he hopes Mexican authorities will react as quickly as they did in Davis’s case, so that his brother can be home for his birthday next Wednesday, and asked for help from whoever may know his whereabouts.