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They launch in NL ‘whats’ to denounce parties, meetings …

Nuevo León police detained 150 people who made a mega Covid party in the municipality of Zuazua last June. Image: Video Capture


Through WhatsApp, phone calls and email, neighbors may report meetings of more than 20 people to be dissuaded by Civil Force, as announced by the Secretary of Health of Nuevo León, Manuel de la O Cavazos.

The state official released these data in order for neighbors to help detect massive parties and be able to stop them to prevent further contagion of covid.

De la O called on the inhabitants of the state to pay attention and heed the call of the Government, since hospitalizations and the number of infections has been on the rise in recent days.

He assured that, with these forms of communication, it is intended that people help the police to detect those neighbors who do not comply with the new recommendations.

The phones are 8181307020, for calls, to report by WhatsApp 8117735075 and to the email [email protected]

Secretary of Health announced that they will carry out operations to end Halloween parties in which the capacity is greater than allowed.

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Also, on November 1 and 2, the pantheons of the metropolitan area will remain closed, as a strategy to prevent people from visiting the deceased and crowds showing up.

He reiterated that the new fines that will come into force on November 1, are in order to stop the pandemic and that the population understands that it is a serious situation, at no time to obtain a monetary collection.

The decree that will take effect this coming Sunday, contemplates sanctions of 20 to 100,000 pesos, for those meetings with more than 20 people, as well as 36-hour arrests and community work.

This also includes what was discussed for months, the mandatory use of face masks in open and closed spaces.

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