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Trump figure migrants burned in Tijuana for abuses

Some 50 Mexican and Central American migrants gathered a few meters from the border wall that divides the United States and Mexico, in the Playas de Tijuana area, where they protested against police violence with the burning of two piñatas with the figures of the US president. Donald Trump, and a police officer.

The demonstration was held to remember that on October 23, the Mexican David Ángel Villalobos, 30, died when he was attacked by shots by an element of the Border Patrol after he had an argument in a commercial plaza, in San Diego. , USA.

In tribute to the Mexican migrant, as well as to all those who have died in their attempt to seek the American dream, this Saturday groups and promigrant organizations came together, first to provide a minute of silence and then with the burning of the piñatas.

The piñatas, made by hand, simulated the figure of Trump and the Border Patrol agent.

“Enough of the abuses against our countrymen and all the migrants who go to the United States,” said Sergio Tamay, president of the Angeles Sin Frontera organization, who expressed his rejection of the anti-immigrant policies that President Trump has imposed.

He recalled that dozens of migrants have died at the hands of Border Patrol agents and so far no case is being investigated, for which he demanded a prompt solution and punishment for the Villalobos murderer.


But the protest not only focused on the aggression on the part of the United States officials, but also related to the request and response to the requests for political asylum that Central Americans and Mexicans have made to the United States.

“We do not have the infrastructure or the security,” Tamay said, criticizing the migrants being deported and handed over to the Mexican National Guard, an instance that he said “does Trump’s dirty work” by detaining migrants at the northern borders and South of the country.

He assured that Trump mocks Mexico and makes use of the National Guard in his political campaign, so they expect an intervention from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to remove those agents from the borders and send them to the states with the insecurity indexes in Mexico.

“Trump grabbed us for his campaign and now he mocks saying that he subdued Mexico, that they put 27,000 National Guard soldiers on the border. We also protest against Mexico because we do not want the National Guard to dedicate itself to detaining migrants,” he said. Tamay.

For his part, José María García, from the Youth 2000 hostel, commented that the protest in Playas de Tijuana had the objective of making visible the problems of racism and discrimination that are increasing every day in the US against Latinos and especially undocumented immigrants. .

“It is a problem that has not been solved,” said the activist, and recalled the current immigration policies “so complicated that Trump has.”

“This demonstration is due to the bad policy that Trump has towards immigration. He has removed programs and has not wanted to significantly help the communities that come to work and out of great need,” he declared.