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Woman murdered in Sinaloa subdivision

In a walker in the Infonavit Playas subdivision, in Mazatlán, a woman was attacked by an unknown person with a knife, the injured victim tried to flee from her attacker, so she ran towards Las Torres avenue in search of help, but fainted and lost life.

With this new homicide, the number of femicides that have been committed in the state this year adds up to thirty-two, several of the victims have been cremated, so gender groups demand specific protection programs from the authorities.

About the new fact, a call to the aid services alerted the Municipal Police of the port, about a woman who had been seen injured, seeking help, so when she arrived at the place where she collapsed, they certified that she did not present vital signs .

In a stretch of more than a hundred meters, their belongings were scattered on the sidewalk and part of a median, so the forensic experts collected all the evidence and testimonies of the attack that cost the woman her life.

The judicial authorities have not been able to establish the identity of the victim, since among his belongings that were thrown on the floor, no document was found, so the forensic personnel began their studies to establish the identity.

In two previous cases, in Juan José Ríos, Guasave and in an area of ​​Mazatlán, during the month of September, the remains of two female persons were located, whose identities have not been established by the State Attorney General’s Office.

During the same month of September, Graciela Nancy “N”, 42 years old, reported as missing by her family, was found dead, presumably beaten, on one of the avenues of the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood of Culiacán.

On September 2, in a gap that leads to the San Lorenzo canal, in the Huizaches ejido, at the southern exit of the state capital, the charred bodies of Andrea Lizethit “N”, fourteen years old and 16-year-old Brenda Guadalupe “N”.

The authorities of the State Attorney General’s Office, who opened an investigation folder, established that their families had not filed any complaint for their disappearances.