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Calaveritas in the world


What the heck of regrowth

has happened in the necropolis

just like in the Acropolis

where the scourge live.

You have to call San Pedro,

says, clever, the hunchback,

don’t be stupid, don’t be trite

go quickie for Tedros.

There are birds of ill omen,

whether owl or buzzard,

and if his voice is that of a goldfinch,

don’t believe him, he’s an agüizote.

Tedros has the amendment

to control this plague,

if its presence is ominous

It is due to the reprimand.


If you want to reach Biden

La Flaca must carry you

Well, you have a cow step

and so, it falls to me, you are not going to win.

Very Mexican Death

something has a pochita

although it has not lived for years

in the American Union.

In this year of sulfur,

Trump runs into the Grim Reaper,

she who encompasses everything,

who laughs and who suffers.

You still don’t forget the wall

despite your defeat,

at the polls, who do you vote for

now Death is your future.


You didn’t win either

despite your support,

like a stream, like a stream

rather, you drowned.

You voted early

you applied in campaign,

people to Barack miss

not the other, the second.

La Catrina reserves you

a place next to her

if you want to leave a mark

your grave already conserves.

In next elections

death will be a democrat

despite being an autocrat

will distribute the decisions.


The gravedigger with his shovel.

The scene is already prophecy:

icy wind, the branch creaked,

a grave, that of Kamala.

Death receives it.

The moment is sacred:

Woman and woman, filmed,

History writes it.

In their talk face to face

The Grim Reaper shows intentions

I get to the point, without shreds,

I love you as president.

Kamala now rules

the underground rivers

among all those outsiders,

she rules, hibernates there.


The wound still burns

of what he calls treason

despite the choice

he fled.

La Pelona knows little

of these politicking,

you perceive filth

or the merit rinse.

Come here, Evo Morales

I offer you a mandate,

because you are a born leader,

say the astral charts.

You want to perpetuate yourself, Evo,

And that was never the deal

remember, we signed a contract

Or what, you didn’t take your placebo?