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Drinking water leak causes ‘lagoon’ in Guerrero


A potable water leak located in the Guerrero neighborhood provoked spurts and ‘gaps’ andn the mayor’s office Cuauhtémoc, neighbors reported.

The fracture of a 12-inch pipe in the main drinking water supply network caused the vital liquid to leak.

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The incident took place from 6:00 am this Monday at the intersection between Eje 1 Poniente and Calle de Estrella in the Guerrero neighborhood.

Workers from the Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) came to close the valves and repair the pipeline, while firefighters from the Ave Fénix station and personnel from the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) remain in place to avoid an incident higher.

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The maneuvers are expected to conclude on this day, however neighbors are warned that there may be effects on the drinking water supply due to the closing of valves in the area in the coming hours.

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