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Laflèche College changes its tourism program – L’

Laflèche College will transform its Tourism program for bilingual Tourism as of fall 2021.

Three new orientations will meet the needs of the tourism sector, namely Languages ​​and Culture, City and Nature and Sustainable Tourism.

A portion of the courses in the program will be offered in English and occasionally in Spanish in order to promote mastery of the language skills expected and sought after in the job market. As Renée Asselin, pedagogical advisor at Laflèche College, explains: “It will be very relevant, in the context of a course such as World Destinations, to carry out a portion of the training in English and Spanish, especially when the regions of the Spanish-speaking world are addressed in the course. “

The students of the program will be just as able to work in the heart of regional tourism. As the tourism activity is also local, the program will continue to train students so that they can have a career in tourism companies in our region.

Students will also have the opportunity to carry out work-study internships (ATÉ) internationally, thus enabling them to improve their mastery of a second or even a third language. These changes will maximize the integration and application of skills related to the different tourism sectors.