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Lionel Carmant announces additional investments of $ 100 million in mental health –

In the wake of the tragic events of the weekend in Quebec City, the Minister for Health and Social Services and Member of Parliament for Taillon Lionel Carmant this afternoon announced additional investments of $ 100 million for mental health services.

Of this amount, $ 35 million will be used to provide services to those who are currently waiting in the network, while $ 19 million will finance the creation of “sentinel” teams and their establishment in the field. These teams will come to the aid of the most vulnerable clienteles by preventing, promoting, detecting and intervening early on psychosocial problems, said Mr. Carmant.

“About 50% of people with mental health problems don’t see a doctor.”

– Lionel Carmant

“The mental health component has been badly handled in recent years,” reminded the minister during a press briefing at the National Assembly. The investments were insufficient and we are determined to correct the situation. ”

Do not make amalgam

Although Minister Carmant anticipated the announcement of these investments because of the events of the weekend, he urged the population to be cautious and to try to avoid amalgamations.

“On the one hand, there is anxiety, depression and anguish linked to a specific situation such as the pandemic and on the other, there are mental disorders, psychoses, bipolar illnesses and schizophrenia which are illnesses. . We must avoid amalgams. The distinction is important and must be taken into account, especially in situations like last weekend. You have to be careful to avoid confusion. ”

Indicating that he would not comment on the tragic events in Quebec City, preferring to wait for the results of the ongoing investigation, Lionel Carmant nonetheless affirmed that even in a situation where all mental health services are in place and are operating at full capacity, such events cannot be prevented 100%. “Risk 0 does not exist,” he recalled.

“We have to work very hard to improve access to mental health and also the monitoring of people who have mental health problems and that is what we are doing.”

“It is very important to stress that the vast majority of people with mental disorders are not violent and that this violence is rarely expressed in the form of homicide,” he added.

Impacts of the pandemic

“We are well aware of the exceptional situation we are experiencing with the pandemic, which has negative effects on the well-being and mental health of people,” also assured the Minister. We take this issue very seriously. ”

Prime Minister François Legault (Photo: Screen capture)

Earlier today, during a press scrum held in Montreal, Prime Minister François Legault recalled that all governments in the world must currently “juggle quality of life and life at all”.

“We find ourselves in a situation where to save lives, it affects the quality of life of all citizens. It’s a lesser evil in my opinion, ”he said.

Recognizing that health measures could further isolate people who are already alone, François Legault appealed to the population.

“I want to remind all Quebecers that they have the right to go and see a person alone, one by one. It is important to do this if only to detect possible mental health problems. You should also ask these lonely people, when they develop anxiety, a kind of difficult pressure or depression, to call 811 and get help. ”

Investment details

  • $ 35 million for the purchase of mental health services, including $ 25 million to help those who are waiting for services in the network and $ 10 million for the education sector, for young people aged 17 to 29 years of college and university who are waiting
  • $ 31.1 million to maintain the upgrading of psychosocial and mental health services for 2021 and 2022
  • $ 19 million for the creation and establishment of “sentinel” teams in the field
  • $ 10 million in additional funding for community mental health organizations for 2021 and 2022
  • $ 4.9 million for the accelerated deployment of the digital suicide prevention strategy and the upgrading of the 1 866 APPELLE line