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Martha Higareda refused to make a film with Cuarón for a scene without clothes

When she got the role offered by the Mexican director, she was still very young.


Recently Martha Higareda told in an interview that he refused to make a movie with Cuarón for a scene without clothes.

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Ironically the actress She is remembered for the series of nudes she has done in Mexican cinema, since his debut in the movie ‘Loving You hurts’.

Fully aware that her situation as an actress would be completely different today if she had agreed to film with a director like Cuarón, the Mexican recalled in an interview for Tu-Night, program hosted by your colleague and friend Omar chaparro, That moment.

Martha Higareda He confessed that the first important character he managed to get, after doing a strenuous casting, was for the film ‘And Your Mother Too‘but it was a naked scene that made her back off.

The first opportunity was an audition that I did for Alfonso Cuaron, a movie called ‘And your mom too’. I did the casting and then something called call-back, which is when they call you final. My parents had to sign for me because there was a nude scene ‘ […] ‘I kept the paper and spoke to Alfonso Cuaron and I said: ‘I have to tell you this but I have never even taken off my blouse with any child,’ he said. Martha Higareda.

And it is that although the actress later made a series of nudes for the big screen, without the slightest shame, When she got the role offered by the Mexican director, she was still very young. He also assured, he did not know who he was Alfonso Cuaron, nor the projection he would have in the world with his work as a filmmaker:

At first I did not know who I was but I wanted to be very honest with my principles and my values ​​and my youth, ‘said the actress.

Shortly afterwards the actress also managed to keep the role of Renata In Loving You It Hurts and although he was still very young, he accepted because he could not miss another opportunity like this in his life. No embaggement said Martha Higareda, she still felt a lot of modesty.

When I made the movie (Loving You Hurts), I still didn’t have a boyfriend to teach my attributes to. Then everything was very strong because in that film what they are seeing on the screen were my first times of many things, ” he said Martha Higareda.


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