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Now royals do wear face masks after decree that establishes fines

After the publication of the decree that establishes fines for those who do not comply with health measures or wear face masks, the majority of the royals who took to the streets yesterday did not forget these actions. Photo: Karla Omosigho / ABC Newspaper


An influx of royals came this Sunday to the Morelos corridor, in the Center of Monterrey, to do their shopping or take a walk, most of them wearing their masks.

From an early hour, citizens were seen abiding by the health protocol in the local businesses, in which you could see rows where their temperature was taken individually and antibacterial gel was applied.

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Although the benches located in Morelos were cordoned off to prevent their use, some visitors decided to tear the caution tapes and sit on them, ignoring this provision made by the authority.

The assistants who went to the first square of the city, most of them wore the mask that was required by the workers of the various shifts and thus be able to enter to make their purchases.

Seniors, adults, youth and children strolled through the various streets of downtown Monterrey, some were Juárez, Padre Mier, Ignacio Allende and Cinco de Mayo to name a few.

This Sunday the Decree that the state government published in the Official diary this week, which attributes to both state and municipal authorities applying administrative sanctions to citizens who do not comply with the agreement.

Even some of the fines for events in private homes or on public roads can range from 20,000 to 100,000 pesos. This agreement will be in force throughout the month of November.

The mandatory use of face masks in public spaces and roads is also specified, this as a way to reinforce this measure so that citizens do not relax in the face of COVID infections.

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