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Skulls of national life

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

On top of the hill

it’s Andrés Manuel’s turn,

a hitazo to the orchard

where Death appears.

At the ball game

where life is risked

and with victory suffered

the President is the note.

The bald head has lost

He was struck out, no bases

although he wanted to make amends

his wish was feigned.

La Catrina never loses,

pronounce from hell

to the Head of this government,

while the teeth grind.

Year 2020

No one is called to wonder

because this is a row,

if not the scythe sharpens,

Throws us into the rubble

Twenty / twenty is your year,

but the pandemic arrived,

making plans is blasphemy,

they all go down the drain.

La Catrina never fails us,

be it winter or spring

paint everyone his skull

even if they see it on the screen.

That soon the mirror is over

From Death to Death,

but if his wish is to possess you

Come, celebrate, I celebrate.

Salvador Cienfuegos

Worse than eternal fire

is Salvador Cienfuegos

who still racks

from hell itself.

He says that everything is false

Although not yet La Catrina

but he does not know what is coming

his torture on the scaffold.

An army of zombies

they escort you before Death

that before making you inert

it faces you vis a vis.

I got your extradition

from far away lands,

pagan guilt weighs you down

that you pay with death.


If it’s not Yeidckol, it’s borlotes

For winning the presidency

Mas la Flaca with license

He came back to spank them

In his infinite wisdom

give them a chance

to tell the truth

or throw some trouble.

They decide at the polls,

be it Mario or Porfirio

maybe there will be another martyrdom

and is that they all rust.

In that barren ground

nicknamed the brunette

suffer the same sentence

of the same sick man.

Hugo Lopez-Gatell

The undertaker, buries;

the doctor, medica,

La Catrina, preaches it,

while Hugo holds on.

The battle for the covid,

for the gel and mask,

it has been long, suffocating,

as a Hobbit movie.

The Bony Dressed

with her veil and her mask

goes from A to Zeta

going over the crossroads.

Very famous you came out

But very polarizing,

Your destiny, to be wandering,

And without a vaccine, you were worth it.