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Terrible week

November 02, 2020

At the age of 87 the sculptor died Pedro Cervantes, author of the concrete reliefs of the IMCE tower, among many other works. He entered the Academy of Arts in 2003 and received the National Prize for Arts and Sciences in 2011 … He also passed away Arturo rivera (1945-2020), extraordinary draftsman and painter who revalued figurative art, against the grain of the fashions imposed by the market and curators. He was expelled from museum premises for decades in favor of expressions that do not always, if not seldom, reach artistic status, a fact that led him to strenuously denounce this absurd and discriminatory policy. We will miss him in the cafe…. To make matters worse, the editor was murdered in the middle of the street Juan Guillermo Lopez (1953-2020), who for 35 years worked for the Fondo de Cultura Económica, Planeta and Random House, among other firms, and had to publish works by Carlos Fuentes, Sergio Pitol, Antonio Skármeta, Isabel Allende and other successful authors. Now he was in charge of the line of books from Process-CISA, a company that loses a qualified professional.


The architect Xavier Cortés Rocha leads the team that works in the old jails of La Perpetua, adjacent to the Palace of the Inquisition, which housed the National School of Medicine from 1854 to 1953. The library of Nicolas Leon and there will be a site museum about the horrors of the “Holy” Inquisition. The director of the now UNAM Faculty of Medicine, German Fajardo Dolci, declared that “in exchange for salaries that had not been paid” the State gave teachers the Palace of the Inquisition “where the teaching of medicine in the country was born.” In reality, the property was acquired in 1854 with contributions from teachers, students and graduates of the degree. Regarding the birth of the teaching of medicine, it should be remembered that when classes began at the Royal and Pontifical University of Mexico, in 1553, three doctors who attended the chair of their specialty were considered “admitted and incorporated”, but the faculty was formally established on November 7, 1582, so that was 438 years ago.


Informs Andres Ruiz that the average price of the book in Spain is 14.7 euros (around 350 Mexican pesos), while here, the 50 most recent titles of the Fondo de Cultura Económica have, on average, a cover price of 126.52 pesos, that is, , just five euros. As a result, in the peninsula, sales have fallen notoriously, while here the Fund defends itself with print runs of up to 40 thousand copies and prices that, in the case of the Vientos del Pueblo collection, range from nine to 20 pesos, in addition to the fact that it has lowered the titles of the popular collection and those of other traditional collections.


Next Thursday it will be 20 years since Amalia
he is not with us physically. Fortunately, his talent remains, emptied into numerous choreographies, and the Folkloric Ballet that bears his name. @@@ The pandemic hits everywhere. Some days ago, Nancy bass wyden, granddaughter of the founder of the famous Strand bookstore in New York and current owner, called on her customers to avoid closing the deal, and in one weekend she received 25,000 orders for a total of $ 200,000. Couldn’t we do something similar with the Torre de Lulio, today under threat of bankruptcy? Tel. 555-211-9367 @@@ Good point of the Oaxaca International Book Fair: the tribute offered to Margo glantz they gave him the title of Bitter sugar! @@@ Last Friday, the Paso de Gato Bookstore, the only one in the country specialized in performing arts and cinema, was inaugurated at the Shakespeare Forum (Zamora 7, between Veracruz and Agustín Melgar, Col. Condesa).