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The 57th, 58th and 59th Finals of the Quebec Games will be postponed – L’

The SPORTSQUÉBEC Corporation announced the modification of the cycle of the Finals of the Quebec Games, starting in 2021. After having analyzed the various impacts caused by the pandemic and having consulted and collaborated with all the partners, it ruled that the editions Summer Games will now take place in odd years, while winter editions will take place in even years.

By the same token, the 57e, 58e and 59e Quebec Games finals will be postponed. Originally scheduled for summer 2022, the 57e Finale des Jeux du Québec will be presented in the summer of 2023, in Rimouski (official dates will be announced soon). The 58e The Quebec Games final, initially scheduled for winter 2023, will be presented in winter 2024 (Remember that the City of Sherbrooke is currently in the candidacy period until November 2020). Originally scheduled for summer 2024, the 59e Quebec Games Finals will be presented in the summer of 2025 (The call for candidates having already taken place, the candidate circles will be announced in the coming weeks).

Already in the spring of 2020, the pandemic paralyzed the Quebec sports community forcing the Corporation to announce the postponement of the 55e Final of the Quebec Games (Laval 2020) and the 56e Quebec Games Final (Rivière-du-Loup 2022).

SPORTSQUÉBEC evaluated the impacts of this pandemic on the Quebec Games Program, estimating that it would be felt in the long term and would affect our environment for several more months. For this reason, the Corporation is convinced that the decision will allow future circles to organize quality events for young athletes. We also believe that this postponement will be beneficial for the city and the Rimouski Organizing Committee, which had shared with us their concerns surrounding the development of their Final in this uncertain period.

“This postponement will allow us to work in more optimal conditions in order to offer a Final that meets our ambitions. Following consultations with all our partners, it was clear that they supported the postponement of the Games for one year. Until then, let’s stick together and we’ll meet in 2023 for a Final at the height of what Rimouski is capable of offering ”, testified José Arsenault, president of the organizing committee of the 57e Final.

The City of Sherbrooke had also mentioned, during its application process, its desire to see the 58e Final postponed. “The current circumstances have forced SPORTSQUÉBEC to make a difficult but necessary decision. Indeed, it is important for us to collaborate with our partners and to support them by offering them the best possible conditions to achieve their Final ”, testified Julie Gosselin, president of SPORTSQUÉBEC.

“We want the experience of young athletes to be the best possible thanks to these changes. By postponing the next Quebec Games, we want to allow the next host communities to organize a large-scale event that will be affected as little as possible by the current climate, within a reasonable timeframe. ”