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The Covid is worth them and they put together a ‘secret party’ even with foreign DJs

In Montemorelos, Nuevo León, a concert was organized even with foreign DJs, but without health measures. Image: Video Capture


This Halloween, dozens of people attended a “secret party” in the municipality of Montemorelos, Nuevo León, where various foreign DJs were present and most of the attendees did not use mouth covers or respected the healthy distance.

In various Instagram posts, those in charge of putting the music in the event published that they were traveling to play at the secret party at a location in the municipality located one hour from Monterrey.

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Some of the musicians present were Denniss Cruz, Rafa Barrios, Omar Labastida, Hugo de León, Adame and Loss.

The event had a cost of 500 pesos per person, at least that is what they indicate on their official page that they shared on social networks and where they do not specify the exact location of the party, only that the event will begin on October 31 and end one day after.

Rafa Barrios and Denniss Cruz, dj from Spain, where there is currently an outbreak due to the pandemic, shared their visit to the city on their social networks, from the plane they took to get there and even what they tasted during their trip to Monterrey.

But it was the attendees of the event who evidenced what happened, which until eight o’clock in the morning of this Sunday continued dancing in a location in Monterrey.

In the images, it can be seen how most of the young people did not wear face masks, and they ignored the protocol of healthy distance.

During this week, the State Secretary of Health, Manuel de la O, urged citizens not to ask children for sweets, as well as to avoid attending events or meetings that exceed the established capacity.

And it was this November first when the Health Decree came into force, where state and municipal authorities are authorized to apply administrative sanctions, which range from 20 thousand to 100 thousand pesos of fine on the subject of events in private homes or via public.

As well as the mandatory use of face masks in public spaces, also those attended by establishments that engage in the activities regulated by the agreement.

Due to social media posts and ticket sales, it was allegedly Smile Entertainment, who would have organized the event.

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