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The POP Museum receives a prestigious award – L’

The POP Museum received the Excellence Award from the Société des Musées du Québec for its permanent exhibition Fasten your tuque! A breathtaking trip to Quebec culture.

This is the first time that the POP Museum has received this prestigious award, which testifies to the quality of its achievements.
“This permanent exhibition directly linked to the Museum’s mission becomes the institution’s signature exhibition. All of the 300 or so objects presented in the exhibition come from our collections. From its ideation, we wanted Quebec visitors to come away with a sense of pride while foreign tourists and newcomers learn more about who we are as a people. It has been highly regarded as a success since it opened in June 2019, ”says Valérie Therrien, Executive Director of the POP Museum.

“In addition, the partnership with the firm Léger allowed us to innovate in the Quebec museological world by creating the very first exhibition whose subjects were entirely chosen from an opinion poll. We are particularly proud of this award, because it is a first for the Museum and a great recognition of the Quebec museum community! ”

A virtual version is currently in preparation in order to be able to offer the visit even during a pandemic period.